Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Impresions

Baby deciding to put herself in the middle of everything! Her eyes match the wreath.

It's that first glance that forms our first impression of someone or something. Not always conscious, mind you.  I heard the other day that 40 percent of women base their first impression on shoes. Yes, shoes. I do love cute shoes, but I don't think that is the first thing I notice. Though come to think of it, just last Sunday I told a total stranger how cute her shoes were, and then she said to me, I was just going to say the same about yours.  I was wearing one of my new favorite pair. Comfortable AND darling! Well, there you go.....

So, here I go making my first impression on the blog.  I will be the first to admit I am learning as I go, not a techy girl, mind you. But since it's fall already, I decided to start with the front porch. It makes a big first impression of your home. And with a little help, your personality applied to the porch can create wonderful anticipation of entering.

This is the porch to start with.  Summer heat got the best of the plants. I already took down the summer wreath.  The budget is tight with 3 in college, so let's see what I can come up with.

I see Bella, the cat, sneaked into the picture. I pulled out the wreath from last year, bought a couple of mums from Walmart, and stuck a collection of found branches into the tub.  The rest is just spanish moss and a few inexpensive fall finds from Michael's.

Two of the pumpkins are real, one is not.  Of course if I wasn't on a tight budget I would have an entire selection of real gourds and pumpkins! And a new wreath in more red and orange colors.

The little red child's chair I found at an estate sale awhile back. Throw in a rusty old galvanized bucket and you're good to go!

So there's my attempt at a quick and inexpensive fall front's yours coming along?


  1. Hooray! Love it and SO glad to see those pot plants go :)

  2. I love your words AND your beautiful decor! Lisa

  3. cute as can be, of course!!!! lou

  4. Hi Rene!

    I did go back and saw your reply to the post. So glad I went back because I noticed this time that you now have a blog and I clicked on it and came here. Talking about first impressions....well, I am IMPRESSED! That's a job well done. Pulling it off on a limited budget is even more impressive to me- like buying a cute pair of shoes at Marshalls for $25 that was originally priced at $90. Love it!


  5. Hey, Rene....

    Love the decor, but first thing that bedoggled my mind -- where in the world did you find those white pumpkins? I don't think I have EVER seen those before down around here -- or, maybe I haven't been in the right places? lol...


  6. Hi Kat,
    Thanks for stopping by! I believe I found the white minis at HEB or Central Market when I lived in Austin a few years back. A Farmers Market should have them, too. I remember buying them at Warrenton during Round Top, as well. Here in Kansas you can find speciality pumpkins and gourds in bountiful supply at the local grocery. I would decorate by the wagon-full if I could afford it!! I hope this helps you find them next year!
    Happy Fall,
    rene :)


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